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Fișa produsului
Uscator automatDa
Consumul de energie pentru programul Cotton, incarcare maxima (Edry) [kWh]4,75
Consumul de energie pentru programul Cotton, incarcare partiala ( Edry½) [kWh]2,54
Consumul de energie atunci cand masina este oprita (P0) [W]0,25
Consumul de energie in timp ce masina este in Stand-By (Pl)0,50
Durata in Stand-by [min]5
Standard cotton programme, used at full and partial load is the standard drying programme to which the information in the label and the fiche relates. This programme is suitable for drying normal wet cotton laundry and it is the most efficient programme in terms of energy consumption for cotton.
Durata ciclu de spalare bumbac (Tt) incarcare plina si partiala [min]114
Durata timpului de spalare pentru programul standard de bumbac la incarcare maxima (Tdry) si la incarcare partiala (Tdry½) (minute)145 / 91
Eficienta condensare cantarita (Ct)91
Eficienta condensare medie (Cdry) / (Cdry1/2)91 / 91
Aparat incorporabilNu