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Informační list
Identifikace modeluKAM35PDAHG
Sound Power Level at Standard Rating Conditions65
Refrigerant TypeR410A
Charge amount420
CO2 equivalent (tonnes)0.877
Energy efficiency Class in coolingA
Energy efficiency Class in heatingA+
Hourly energy consumption - cooling-
Hourly energy consumption - warming-
Design Load in cooling Mode (Pdesign)[KW]-
Design load in heating mode (Pdesign)[KW]-
Refrigerant leakage contributes to climate change. Refrigerant with lower global warming potential (GWP) would contribute less to global warming than a refrigerant with higher GWP, if leaked to the atmosphere. This appliance contains a refrigerant fluid with a GWP equal to 2088. This means that if 1kg of this refrigerant fluid would be leaked to the atmosphere, the impact on global warming would be 2088 times higher than 1kg of CO2, over a period of 100 years. Never try to interfere with the refrigerant circuit yourself or disassemble the product yourself and always ask a professional.
Contains flourinated greenhouse gases
Importer: Partizanska 12, 3320 Velenje, Slovenija / +386 3 899 1000
Manufacturer: Partizanska 12, 3320 Velenje, Slovenija / +386 3 899 1000
[1][2] Energy consumtion "XYZ" [kWh] per year, based on standard test result. Actual energy consumption will depend on how the appliance is used and where it is located.
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